Meny_Om Stimparavaner
Meny_Stim 63
Meny_Stim 97

The Stimparavanes are very light and work using the resistance of the towline, pressing the flow of water under the “wings” and the dome-shaped underside - carrying the paravanes downwards.

FunktionIf the Stimparavane hits an object in the water, it will overturn and passes upside-down over the obstacle, and by the pressure of the water against the unit the well-balanced paravane will return to its right position towards the depth.

When the fish bites, its resistance steers the Paravane to the surface - easy to haul in.

If choosing an alternate kind of fishing you simply detach the paravane.

Two versions are available, the Stim 63 - which is ideal for spinning, and the StimStim 97 - which is made for trolling.