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Mr. Karl-Hugo Larsson, an inventor and innovator, holding a Master of Engineering- Diploma from the Royal Collage of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, was the Constructor of the Stimparavanes.

The late Karl-Hugo Larsson was born on the beautiful but barren island of Fårö, far out in the Baltic, where his father ran a grocery. All his long life he lived with a very strong emotion for “his” island, with its distinctive and necessity need for an engagement in fishing and shipping. Maybe he had the fishery much at heart, as his childhood was strongly influenced by the importance of the catch for the local people to survive and all the ruthless losses of men and boats which constantly followed him in mind.

His academic ability carried him to Stockholm and the Royal Collage of Technology, where he was registered at the Institute for Naval Architect. His exam followed by years of practical work at the shipping yards in northern Germany.

His interests in the development of ship-construction and the security of the crew on ships put him into the position of ship-surveyor with a working field all over the world.


Göran Löwgren at an expo.

His earlier developed “trawl-board” was one of these innovations considered pioneering-work to the fishery-fleets. At his practical contacts with the working fishermen he learned that in spite of their skilled steer of the ships and the trawl-boards there was still a certain need of some improvement to increase the catch. He realized that it was necessary to widen the opening of the trawl. After a long time of scientifically calculations based on "aerodynamic theories" and tests Mr. Larsson solved the problem by constructing his paravane, a shoe-alike 45 cm long unit, imagine the old-fashion Dutch wooden slipper.

The paravane struggles to go to the depth away from the tow-line. By “turning the right side up” of some units on the under-wire of the trawl and some “up and down” on the over-wire he got the gap of the trawl to widen. Tests made by independent fishermen show catches increased up to 50%.

Later he remembered the behaviour of the paravane and Stim 63 and Stim 97 were facts.

His innovated works led to several articles in recognised international periodicals within the fishery industry. Many of the inventions made by Karl-Hugo Larsson have been patented in several countries; among the patents are Stim 63 and Stim 97. This genuine paravane is still an entirely Swedish product.

Mr. Larsson opened the manufacturing with an innovative factory owner within the plastic-industry, whose children today cast the body of the Stimparavanes and the owner of the products now, Göran Löwgren, has lived in close relation to the constructor.