Meny_Om Stimparavaner
Meny_Stim 63
Meny_Stim 97

To stay on a bridge or a rock being able to fish up the area deep close to the top of the rod is possible with the Stim 63 as the paravane continues to strive downwards and goes up not until the line of the paravane almost is vertical to the top of the rod when hauling in.

In shallow water the Stim 63 could be towed along the ground, through the vegetation and over holes were the big fish keep hidden. The paravane wakes up the fish and at once and just above the delicious bait will pass.

Längd på linorPut out the Stim 63 in a stream and fix the line, now you can get the paravane towards the ground with the bait to float free in the streamed water.

The Stim 63 for spinning is 75mm long and weighs 10g only.