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Trolling with the Stim 97 give excellent opportunities of fishing at the level where the best catch will be found, particularly inshore coastal water and lakes.

As the Stim 97 always strives downwards a shorter line is sufficient and makes the trolling more convenient as normally, say 15 - 20 m of length and at a speed of 2 - 3 knots. It is the smooth “aerodynamic” form of the paravane which carries it downwards.

The Stim 97 weighs in at 45 g and measures 115 mm only.


There are two holes for the towing-line on the paravane´s mounting fin. These regulate the travelling-depth. The towing-line at the front hole will give a shallower position. The holes on the stern regulate the paravane´s position in relation to the boat. The farther at side the leader is fastened the more aside the paravane will steer.

With the leader attaches well at the side the Stim 97 could be trolled alongside and very close to the reeds and cliff and the boat steered safe outside.

When trolling for shoal-fish a comfortable way is to use a number of the Stim 97. With the leaders and the towing-line attached in different hole on each paravane thus hunting over a larger area for the shoal and also be able to tempt more fish at the same time.